Why the 2023 Tesla Model Y Will Sell Like Hotcakes in Q1

Tesla stock has made a dramatic recovery in 2023. Here's why the 2023 Tesla Model Y is going to sell like crazy in the first quarter. The post Why the 2023 Tesla Model Y Will Sell Like Hotcakes in Q1 appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Ford Gets Rid of Rivian

The Dearborn, Mich., veteran automaker has lost patience and sold most of its Rivian shares.

Every General Motors V8 engine ever made

We take a look at the highs and lows of the GM V8

2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S Review

Moto Guzzi modernizes its streetbike lineup and the 2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello S.

Toyota Stays Modest about EVs as It Relaunches bZ4X after Recall

At Toyota, hybrids remain a higher priority than battery-electric vehicles, and the company only plans to sell 10,000 bZ4X EVs in the U.S. this year.

The One-Off Lamborghini Invencible and Auténtica in Photos

GM Pondering a Two-Door Compact Truck EV to Rival the Maverick

According to Automotive News, the automaker has designed an electric pickup with a two-door cab and a 4.5-foot bed.

Quarterhorse, the Air Force’s Next Hypersonic Aircraft, Has Taken an Epic Leap

The future SR-71 Blackbird successor is on a quest to break the airspeed record.

How Much Does a Fully Loaded 2023 Nissan Ariya Cost?

Price matters when car searching. So, how much doe a fully loaded 2023 Nissan Ariya cost? The post How Much Does a Fully Loaded 2023 Nissan Ariya Cost? appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

The rise & fall of American Motors Corporation

How one of the biggest corporate mergers in American history derailed

10 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement I Kiplinger

RV-savvy retirees talk about the downsides of spending retirement in a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or other recreational vehicle.

Consumer Reports Lists Its Top 10 Least Satisfying Cars For 2022

Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Volkswagen all have multiple vehicles that scored low on owner satisfaction.

Jim Cramer Gives Surprising Answer When Asked If He'd Rather Own Tesla or One Of Its Rivals

The outspoke CNBC host and contributor makes his case when asked which automaker stock he'd rather own.

Will solid-state batteries transform EV development? Here are some top players in the industry.

Smaller, lighter, and potentially more efficient than traditional lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries have the potential to radically transform the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. Companies within this list have been identified as having significant investments in the development of the next generation of battery technology.

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Compact SUV of 2023 Is Mighty Pricey Compared to Rivals

Kelley Blue Book ranked the best compact SUVs of the year. Their top pick may surprise some auto enthusiasts. The post Kelley Blue Book’s Best Compact SUV of 2023 Is Mighty Pricey Compared to Rivals appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Don't Go to the Kentucky Derby - Why Horse Racing is a Cruel Tradition

Here's what you should know.

The best car from every dead car company

A journey into the highlights of car companies that have bitten the dust

Nissan Is Considering a Small Electric Pickup Truck for the U.S.

A report by Automotive News suggests Nissan might build a small EV pickup to appeal to a new segment of customers.

Italian Manufacturer FB Mondial Presents The Spartan 125

This beginner-friendly machine employs classic styling and approachable performance.

‘You’re not gonna get gas on my dime’: Customer slams Uber driver who tried to stop for gas during ride

While rideshare apps have become a go-to option for many people looking for quick and convenient transportation, they've also received several complaints from riders and drivers alike. As one passenger shared in a viral TikTok, drivers making unaccounted pitstops amid their ride can put a damper on their experience. In the video, user Mariya (@heyitsmariya) slams an Uber driver who attempted to stop for gas before they dropped her off....

Ford Motor beat on revenues and missed on EPS. Revenues of $41.80B (+18.56% YoY) exceeded consensus of $40.73B(+2.62%). EPS of $0.510 (+96.15% YoY) missed the consensus estimate of $0.619(-17.74%).

Ford Motor beat on revenues and missed on EPS. Revenues of $41.80B (+18.56% YoY) exceeded consensus of $40.73B(+2.62%). EPS of $0.510 (+96.15% YoY) missed the consensus estimate of $0.619(-17.74%).Ford Motor beat on revenues and missed on EPS. Revenues of $41.80B (+18.56% YoY) exceeded consensus of $40.73B(+2.62%). EPS of $0.510 (+96.15% YoY) misse...

Virginia State Police says driver was going 140 mph; troopers seem to be Eagles fans in callout

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (DC News Now) — Virginia State Police said a driver was going twice the speed limit on an interstate in Northern Virginia, and in calling out the driver, VSP seemed to give a shout-out to the Philadelphia Eagles. First, about the speeding… VSP said someone was going 140 mph in a 70 […]

5 of the Best New Wagons for 2023

Wagons have become a thing of the past since crossovers have taken the market by storm. Some manufacturers keep wagon dreams alive with more luxurious or high performance variants. The post 5 of the Best New Wagons for 2023 appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Mom Tells Teen Son She Sold Fallen Marine Dad's Car, But Secretly Gets It Restored For Him

Marine Sgt. Nick Walsh was so in love with his 1991 Ford Bronco that he vowed to pass it down to his own son one day. But those dreams were seemingly shattered. In 2007, Sgt. Walsh was on deployment in Iraq when he was killed by sniper fire. He was only 26. His son, Triston, was just 4 years old at the time. Though Triston's mom kept the car, it began to fall apart as the years passed by. Julie eventually took to Facebook to explain the...

10 Cars That Lose Most of Their Resale Value in 5 Years

10 Cars That Lose Most of Their Resale Value in 5 Years, By Chris Kissell. 5-year-old used cars sold in 2022 had lost an average of just 33.3% of their value by that point, according to a new analysis by iSeeCars. That’s down from 40% in the 2021 analysis. 3-year-old used cars sold in 2022 had depreciated by 17%, the smallest drop on record. Today’s soaring price of gasoline means fuel-efficient cars are especially likely to hold their value, iSeeCars says. However, some vehicles still lose value far more quickly than others. These tend to be large luxury vehicles or full-size SUVs. Vehicles that lose the most value after five years -, BMW 7 Series: 56.9% Maserati Ghibli: 56.3% Jaguar XF: 54% Infiniti Qx80: 52.6% Cadillac Escalade ESV: 52.3% Mercedes-Benz S-Class: 51.9% Lincoln Navigator: 51.9% Audi A6: 51.5% Volvo S90: 51.4% Ford Expedition: 50.7%. The cars that hold their value the best are the Jeep Wrangler (7.3% depreciation over the first five years), Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (8.7%) and Porsche 911 (14.6%). Other cars on the list that held their value well include the Toyota Tacoma (14.9%), Honda Civic (16.3%) and Subaru BRZ (18.2%)

Hilarious footage shows motorcycle loving feline

This cat from Bangkok in Thailand is a true motorcycle professional. When riding, Heng Heng of course respects the rules of the road and wears a helmet.

Jack Chisenhall's 1932 Ford Wins America's Most Beautiful Roadster 2023

One of the most hotly contested hot rod awards of the year, America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR), was decided at the 2023 Grand National Roadster Show, and it's the 1932 of Jack Chisenhall. Out of the nine entries for this year's award, six of them were 1932 Fords, meaning not only was Chisenhall's "Champ Duece" up against stiff competition, it outshined multiple builds of the same timeless pedigree. Beginning in Chisenhall's San Antonio,...

Yoshimura Releases Hepta Force Exhaust For Suzuki Hayabusa

The latest-gen ‘Busa gains some growl and loses some weight.

Concept cars that went wrong when they made production

An attractive concept doesn't always guarantee an attractive production car

U.S. News Had a Surprise Pick for ‘Best Used Hybrid Car for Under $15K’

Looking for a great used car can be difficult. The best used hybrid car under $15K may be a surprise. The post U.S. News Had a Surprise Pick for ‘Best Used Hybrid Car for Under $15K’ appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Honda’s “Do Not Drive” Warning Impacts Thousands of Honda and Acura Owners

Thousands of Honda and Acura models still haven't had the dangerous Takata airbags replaced. Learn more about this problem here. The post Honda’s “Do Not Drive” Warning Impacts Thousands of Honda and Acura Owners appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Arkansas lawmakers pass modified bill to restrict 'adult' and drag performances

Arkansas legislators modified and approved a proposed bill that would restrict adult-oriented performances, specifically drag shows sexual in nature.

EV Startup Canoo Makes a Big Announcement

Designer of futuristic-looking EVs it's testing for Walmart, others seeks additional resources.

Crews successfully release toxic chemicals from derailed Ohio train cars, authorities say

The release of vinyl chloride came amid the threat of a possible major explosion from the wreckage of the train near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

Here's Where Elon Musk's Tesla Is After 5 Years in Space

The red Tesla Roadster and its "driver" Starman are probably in rough shape.

How Do People On Coldest Inhabited Places On Earth Own, Drive Cars?

With temperatures dropping to as low as -94 degrees F, the process is tedious and taxing.

Scientist Explains How to Find a ‘Missing’ Car In Parking Lot By Using Your Head…Literally

It works as an antenna!

Top 5 Cheap AWD Cars for 2023 Are a Smart Buy

Some vehicles like the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek and Kia Seltos offer AWD without breaking the bank. MotorTrend's top picks all fly in under $25,000. The post Top 5 Cheap AWD Cars for 2023 Are a Smart Buy appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

‘They were talking to the car in front of me for like 5 minutes’: Customer calls out Dutch Bros. Coffee worker for chatting in drive-thru

A TikTok video went viral after a Dutch Bros. Coffee customer called out a drive-thru employee for being overly chatty with a customer who was ahead of them in line, significantly delaying their ability to pick up their order and exit the car queue. User Daniel (@dannyy.p87) joked about how far the worker was leaning out the window while visiting a Dutch Bros. location, writing in the caption, "They love a good car tour!!" @dannyy.p87 They love...

GM Spending $854 Million to Build New Small-Block V-8

Unfortunately, GM isn't offering a release timeline or technical details on its newest V-8 yet.

The SUVs the world completely forgot about

When was the last time you spotted an Alfa Romeo Matta on your commute?

Florida Teen Stole Dirt Bike, Shot Driver When He Fell Off After Narrowly Avoiding Collision, Police Say

A 17-year-old Florida boy was charged with felony attempted murder after shooting at a driver during a suspected road-rage incident, police said. On Dec. 4 in Lauderdale Lakes, authorities said Derrick Farlow fell from a stolen dirt bike he was driving after narrowly avoiding a collision with the driver of a truck. An argument broke out between the...

Used Motorcycle Sales In Italy Soar In January 2023

The Italian market saw a five-percent increase in transfers of ownership in January, 2023.

21 Projects That Will Actually Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value

While some projects instantly increase resale value, others can cost you in the long run. Check out these projects that may hurt your home's resale value.


Early last month General Motors and Andretti Global announced plans to bid for entry into the Formula 1 world championship. The plan would see the Andretti-run team feature Cadillac branding, presumably for the powertrain. While the FIA was supportive of the plan, existing F1 constructors and commercial rights holder, Liberty Media (an American com...

Popularity Contest: What Were the Most Researched New Cars of January 2023?

Find out which three models received more searches in MotorTrend's buyer's guide than any others for January 2023. The post Popularity Contest: What Were the Most Researched New Cars of January 2023? appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

My ‘Unstoppable' Army Truck Destroys Anything In Its Path | RIDICULOUS RIDES

FEAST your eyes on the state of the art GPV Colonel truck – an amphibious 8x8 monster designed to batter through 1ft concrete walls. Manufactured by General Purpose Vehicles, the Colonel Truck was intended for military use in a radical attempt to change the technology behind producing more design purpose and survivability vehicles. This 2006 model now belongs to Ted Yadlowsky and his friends, making it the only privately owned amphibious combat vehicle in the world. Nicknamed ‘the unstoppable force’, the truck is 26ft long, with eight giant wheels and bullet deflectors.

2010 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia Is Our Bring a Trailer Auction Pick of the Day

If the Porsche 911 Dakar looks good to you but you're looking for a far more reasonable price of entry.

Police Escort Truckloads of Avocados Through Mexico

These officers are in the middle of a police escort, but they’re not guarding a VIP or a shipment of cash. They’re protecting trucks full of avocados. That’s because this stretch of highway in Mexico has become quite dangerous, with criminal activity in pursuit of avocados destined for the U.S. Avocados can sell for up to $2.50 in the U.S., that means a truckload could be worth $100,000. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

At least 16 dead after almost 50 vehicles involved in motorway pile-up

Devastating images from the scene show smoke billowing into the sky from several trucks ablaze.